Hello Spring!

Texas Bluebonnets by Matt Turner via Flickr

Okay, wow, I haven't been here since November! I have, however, been over at Revision Warriors! Check out my blogs here.

I'm so excited it's SPRING! And in a sense, I'm doing some spring cleaning by updating here and also sharing some things that have/are happening.

So I finished NaNo! I'm revising and rewriting that beast right now. It's name is BLOOD & BONES and I'm soooooo very, very, very excited about it. The genre is YA and it's a supernatural horror fantasy. That's a mouthful, but... it is what it is! The story takes place in a world that reflects the Ottoman Empire for those who took Humanities in college. *wink* And it has pirates and all sorts of evil that doesn't seem evil until it melts your skin off. So much fun!

Next up on the writerly front, I signed up for DFW Writers Conference! I'm so excited about it! If you're in the DFW or North Texas area, I would highly recommend going. They have a great line-up of agents and editors.

My super awesome critique partner and fellow Revision Warrior, Michelle Smith has a book coming out April 21!! It's name is PLAY ON and you can find out more about it at Goodreads. Seriously, y'all it's a MUST READ. And...next week, I get to be a part of the blog hop!! Can't wait!

I've also been reading! And I can't leave here without saying that I'm so sad The Walking Dead is over. :( Until next season! I can't wait for prequel this summer! The next show I'm looking forward to is the return of Hell on Wheels, also this summer! In the meantime, I'm watching Supernatural, Agents of Shield, Constantine, and Arrow. All great shows!

Until next time... Happy writing and reading! Only you can be you so SHINE ON! Happy Spring! :)


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