Thursday, July 30, 2015

Organizing Your Writing Space

 Image by Eric Heupel via Flickr

At home, my writing space is in my bedroom. It's an old desk where I also tend to stack papers and books. I pay bills there and file stuff. It faces a window and has a little lamp on it.

Does a little clutter bug me? Not really. Usually, I move the paper pile and books off the desk when I sit down to write or edit, and move them back when I'm done.

Is this ideal? Probably not.

 So I decided to hunt down some ideas via Google on how to create a productive writing space. Here are some of the most helpful hints I found.

1. Free your space of clutter!
2. Some inspirational notes, pictures, verses, etc are acceptable, but trinkets galore can be distracting.
3. Have a door you can close.
4. Sometimes we write in a cafe or coffee shop, bookstore, or library. So, yeah, no doors. But also no distractions like laundry, bills, pets, kids, spouses, etc...
5. If working without a door, bring some excellent earphones/headphones.
6. Make sure you have the supplies you need. Examples: stapler, paper, pens, pencils, computer, your brain! :)
7. Write once you get there!

And that's the gist of it. These are quick and easy tips, but aren't always easy to follow.

Will I always have a clean, organized writing space? Probably not. With three kids at home during the summer, it's easier for me to leave when the husband gets home and chill out at Starbucks. Ahem, I mean write.

Sometimes away from home helps me focus, especially if the coffee shop closes at 10pm and I get there at 7pm. I work my butt off for three hours without getting distracted.

How about you? What does your writing space look like? Does it change from day to day? Are you a clutter bug or a minimalist? I love hearing from you!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Don't Stop!

image via Flickr by Phil Gyford

When the muse hits, it's great! Words flow from our brains to the page.

Then, we stop. There's nothing.

How is the main character going to get out of the mess she's in? I can think and think and have absolutely no idea.

That's when I just go with whatever pops into my brain.

Yep. I make something up that may or may not work in the end, but at least I have something written down.

Never suppress the imagination. Go with it. You can always edit it or revise if a better (more logical) idea comes your way.

So when writer's block hits hard, push back! Don't stop! Keep creating no matter what!