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NaNoWrioMo 2015 is over today! I just finished and received this awesomeness! I love how encouraging the NaNoWriMo folks are. I wouldn't have my first draft of a new novel without them! The community is amazing!!

I'm still cheering for all those who are in different time zones and typing away! YOU CAN DO THIS! Even if you don't hit the 50K mark--if you've typed a page or a chapter--you have made more words happen than zero. And that's something!!

For those who are finished, I hope to revise and rewrite with you in the coming months! We have our drafts, now let's make them shine before next November!!

Love to each of you! You're irreplaceable. Only you can tell your story!

Love and blessings!!

Hitting the Halfway Point

Today is the 15th day of NaNoWriMo!!! YAAAAAAAAAAY!

Congratulations to all who have written more than one word! Double congrats if you've completed a sentence!

NaNoWriMo isn't the same for everyone.

Some decide they have to write the traditional 50K.

Some try to finish a novel that they've already started.

Some might try to write 50 picture books!

Whatever your goal is, keep going.

Keep trying!

Don't worry about word count or if the story is amazing or not.

There will be an entire year before next November for editing!!

Just write the words! Any words!


Know that you're wonderful and no one else out there has a story just like yours. 
It's going to be great!